Bush/Cheney Will Win the 2000 Election

The 2000 presidential election was one of the closest elections in the history of the USA. A month or two prior to the election, Patrick developed the following matrix, showing that Bush/Cheney would win. We withheld the matrix until after all events had transpired, since we have ethical concerns related to using the Bible code to affect voting in any way whatsoever. Voting is a duty and responsibility of all citizens of the USA, and is too important to be swayed ahead of time by a Bible code matrix.

Patrick Lumbroso is a Messianic Jewish missionary to the USA, serving an outreach to street kids and substance abusers in Portland, Oregon. He was born in France and attended schools in Israel. Hebrew is a native language to Patrick. Readers should note that Patrick is currently working on a book on the Bible codes related to prophecy events. A book like that is certainly needed, and should be warmly received by all people who want to learn the ties between biblical prophecy and the Bible code. I would hope when his book comes out, that you would purchase it. There is no publication date yet, but I would guess that it won't be done before the fall 2001, to the end of 2001.

What is Patrick's methodology in doing a matrix on a future event? He sent me the following info:

Whereas I believe in the validity of the Bible Codes, I do believe that they are to be looked upon as confirming signs, rather than prophecies.

When trying to find the result of the upcoming American elections, I first prayed to find out which candidate I should work on.

I investigated the elections with the Bible Codes, and the whole story was there, from the hand recounts in Florida, to the court overturns, as well as information about Mr. George W. Bush. Patrick.

We all knew ahead of time, that the 2000 presidential election would be close, since the polls had gone from giving Bush a lead after the Republican Convention in July 2000, to swinging to a lead in the polls by Gore after the August Democrat Convention. The matrix below is one that Patrick sent to your webhost prior to the 2000 presidential election. The terms connected by red lines were in the matrix prior to the election; while the terms with blue-green lines, Florida and recount were added the day after the election. The original matrix done by Patrick with Bible Codes 2000. A matrix report below shows all terms in Hebrew and English.

Matrix done before the election (except for terms with blue-green lines)

After the November election, as the USA was paralyzed by the gridlock of opposing sides trying to eke out a victory by whatever means, Patrick investigated and found Florida and recount in the matrix in a very significant way. As you'll see below, the judicial decisions are there in the matrix, as well as the the court finally stopping the hand recounts and overturning the unconstitutional decisions by the Florida Supreme Court. We remind the viewer that Patrick added the new data after it became known, although it was there all the time.

Webmaster note: Patrick sent me a number of Bible code matrixes with different terms in each one. In order to make it easier for you the viewer, I re-did the matrixes in CodeFinder: Millennium Edition to get a matrix report and put all the terms from multiple matrixes into one matrix. If I have not conveyed Patrick's work in a good way, I apologize.

Patrick also mentioned that the day-month and year terms for the date the Supreme Court overturned and stopped the process, was in the matrix, but I forgot to add it. :-(

The matrix below shows all terms, but is large because it is actually a number of different matrix views with clustering effect.

The colored lines in the matrix above shows the related terms with the same colored lines. Notice at the top that Dick, Cheney, second, president are all in a tight cluster, with only 6 rows. Likewise, July, 2000, and Convention, in the lower right are all crossing. I believe this is a very significant matrix, and it is the only occurrence of the center term (George W. Bush) in the entire Tanakh. The matrix also has terms related to future events in the Bush administration.

As a reminder, Patrick's greatly anticipated book on the Bible code related to prophecy and future events should be out by the end of 2001. Look for it, buy it, and support his wonderful missionary work.

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