The Russian nuclear submarine Kursk which was trapped Monday 8/14/2000, on the floor of the Barents Sea after unspecified malfunctions. Seismic records indicate 2 explosions at the time. Divers have examined the huge hole in the forward starboard side of the submarine and concluded that it filled with water in a few seconds, flooding all or most of the Oscar II class SSGN submarine. SSGN means nuclear attack guided missile submarine used against opposing battle groups.

The sunken submarine Kursk has a "terrifying hole'' on its starboard side, a top Russian official said, as possible explosions wrecked the vessel and sent it plunging to the sea bottom in seconds. Most of the nuclear submarine's 118 crewmen were likely in the damaged section of the vessel, suggesting they had no time to escape.

Two distinct explosions

The U.S. analyst said there were two distinct explosions detected by the monitors. The explosions were seconds apart and the second blast was notably larger than the first, according to the source.







of his sepulchre

Bible Code Matrix

Central Term " KURSK" at ELS 951 in Deuteronomy Chapter 31:7 to Chapter 34:7

 Cluster A-Report

Cluster A-Matrix

The Same Matrix (larger look)

Deuteronomy Chapter 23:25 to Chapter 34:7

 Cluster B-Report


Matrix and Report C

Some of the key words have and sharing a common letter :

The Central TermKurskand the word Sunk sharing the letter" KUF"

The word "of his Sepulchre "crossed the central term KURSK and have a common letter "KUF" ( See the Matrix above)

another important and significant passage occurred and crossed the central term" Kursk" is the phrase:
"man knoweth of his sepulchre"

Statistical Analysis-Probability of the Matrix

We have two different methods of statistical analysis:

First Method is :

matrix probability (without accounting for terms at an ELS of +1)

I calculated the probability of the matrix . For the main/center term, we use the text R-value instead of the matrix R-value, because it is used to find the matrix. In this way, the cumulative matrix R-Value is:



 R-value for matrix A above is 6.178 (without ELS of +1). This translates into odds of 1 chance in 300,000 (0.0003%)

 R-value for Matrix B is 4.004 (without ELS of +1). This means Odds of 1 chance in 2000 (0.04%)

R-value for Matrix C is 7.075 (without ELS of +1). This translates into Odds of 1 in 2,400.000 (0.00004%)


Second Method is :

A measure of compactness and proximity for ELS's pairings in a biblical text 

 It is a very thorough and powerful methodology that calculates numerical scores for ELS pairings in a Biblical text .

What is the probability of the words: Sunken , Tension, "of his sepulchre" and Death, listed with" KURSK" being found as close together by mere chance in an array with absolute skip distances less than or equal to those seen?

 Consider that the line length of the four terms in the image above, all fit into a rectangle of 20 rows by 54 columns or 1080 characters out of the 304,805 letters in tha Torah (five Books).


Matrix A 

P=p1*p2*p3*p4 = 0,00000110 

meaning a probability of approximately 0.0001% or 1 in 1,000,000 of that pattern being produced merely by random chance.

Matrix B

the probability of the words: Sunken , Crew, of his sepulchre and Russian, listed with" KURSK" being found as close together by mere chance :

Therefore P = P1*p2*p3*p4. = 0.000762103 

Meaning a probability of approximately 0.076% or 1 in 11,428 of that pattern being produced merely by random chance

Webmaster note (Roy A. Reinhold): Some viewers may look at Dr. Asali's matrix and think it is small (and yet compact). You might think that it doesn't explain the whole scenario that has taken place over the last week or so. Without taking anything away from Dr. Asali, I decided to spend a couple of hours and see if I could develop it further. I wanted to see whether it had the following information:

Besides the above points, I wanted to see whether the Kursk had been torpedoed (the Russians had said there were 3 foreign units in the vicinity and sometimes things get frisky). I looked and there was no indication of the Kursk being torpedoed. Rather, the following matrix indicates an explosion as the cause. All the above points are in the larger matrix report and matrix done in a few hours, developing further Dr. Asali's matrix. I didn't change the row-split or anything.

I had an ulterior motive in further developing Dr. Asali's matrix. As he had it, the center term ended just at the end of the Torah in the book of Deuteronomy. I wanted to see if the matrix flowed into the book of Joshua. Some codes researchers only do work in the Torah, and this seemed like a good test to find out whether the Bible code flows into the Tanakh. As you can see, the more fully developed matrix flows nicely into the Tanakh. This is one more proof that the Torah is not a toroidal text for codes purposes, although the Tanakh may be toroidal. (A toroidal text has the end and beginning connected so that the text is a circle rather than a straight line).

Notice the day and month term crossing the year term in two places. There are many terms closely parallel or crossing for related terms. I am sure that there is much more, but developing it further answered my questions.

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