Post WW2 War Crimes Trials of Nazis In Nurenberg (Nuremberg) by Dr. Asali Zaki of Italy

Bible code matrix on the trial of prominent Nazis in Nuremberg after the end of World War II ,  (November  1945/1946). Hitler had twelve top-echelon henchmen who stood trial at Nuremberg (NURENBERG) in Germany, accused chiefly of implementing the holocaust solution of killing Jews. One (Martin Bormann) fled to South America and escaped trial. The remaining eleven were sentenced to hang. Field Marshal Hermann Goering committed suicide the night before the scheduled execution, and the remaining ten were, in fact, hanged.

Here is the Historic Event Encoded in Detail in the Bible

(Deut. chap.25 /Vers.1 ).

" and they come unto judgment,and the judges judge them, by justifying the righteous, and condemning the wicked,''

(Leviticus chap 4 / vers. 13-14 )

" They are guilty: when the sin wherein they have sinned is known"


 This code can be considered significant  because:
      -We found several encoded words and phrases that all specifically related and near to each other in a small area.
     -The encoded words and the occurrence verses describe in detail the same event , and the meaning of the event described by  the clustered words on the basis of the content of the Torah passage.What is significant here is the association between the content of shortest Torah passage,  containing the key words in  code and the key words themselves.

***another important and significant passage occurred  in proximity of the encoded words is the Verse(Deut.Chap.25Verse1) :  "and they come unto judgment,and the judges judge them,by justifying the righteus,and condemning the wicked".
If we read the  the last word of this Verse garv (Forward )from right to left this mean WICKED, and if we read the same word from left to right(Backward garv this mean TEN (Ten is the number of the Nazis officers,were,in fact hanged).

- Several words encoded many times at low or minimal intervals ; and have the exact same interval.

  -Some of the key words have and sharing a common letter :

Here is the Connection between the Code Found ( Nazi's trial in Nuremberg),
and The Book of Esther
Does everything repeat itself ( Rabbi Shlomo Yitzhak (Rashi) 1040-1105.

In the period of Mordechai and Esther , as described in the book of Esther, the jewish people also faced a ruthless enemy bent on extermination. His defeat is still celebrated on the joyous festival of Purim.
Seeking some hint of Esther and the Purim story in the Torah,the Sages point to the similarity between the name of Esther and the warning of the Lord:

                       "And I will surely hide my face on that day."

We read in the Book of Esther  about the plan by Haman ben Hamdata, a to extermination the Jweish people on a scale the likes of which had never befor been witnessed:
                        " destroy, to slay, and to cause to perish, all Jews, young and
                       old, little children and women. "

Thanks to Queen Esther's successful diplomacy and lobbying in the royal palace, the terrible edict was rescinded. The Jews then turned the tables on their enemies, culminating in the execution by hanging of the ten sons of  Haman, whose names are listed so prominently in the narrative.

An intriguing dialogue takes place between Queen Esther and Ahasverus( 519-465 B.C) a fiw  verses later :( Esther chap. 9:12-14)

Esther's request seem somewhat srange.The ten sons of Haman had already been killed  , why bother to hang them?

In the writings of the Sages and the commentatores, (Rashi on Esther 9:13) we find several ideas that could clarify this:

On the word " Tomorrow ", in esther's request's the Sages comment :

                                                 " There is a tomorrow that is now, and tomorrow which is later."

In other words , Esther was asking that the hanging of Haman's ten sons not remain an isolated episode in history,but should recur in the future, as well. Yet, if this is the case, surely king Ahasverus  was in no posizion to acceed to such a request.
Only G-d could make and keep such a promies.

Let us now examine the text itself. In the Esther Book (chap.9:6-9),contains  the word  (and) ten times.

According to the Sages, the word   is used to denote replication. Thus , we have to conclude that another 10
people  were hung in addition to Haman's  10 sons.( see Yalkut Me'am Lo'ez Esther p. 237) .

Which ten others were hung ?
For the answer, we must jump 2,300 years forward.
Special newspaper -The New York Times- on October 16, 1946 reported the execution of ten Nazi War Criminals Guilty
by the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal.
Amazingly, this outcome is hinted at in the Book of Esther !!

Nachmanides, in the introduction to his commentary on Genesis, says :

'' Everything  is  written  in the Torah,  esplicitly  or implicitly,
  hinted  in  words,  in  numerical  values, in the  shape  of  the
  letters ( whether  written  in  regular  or  altered  from ) , or  in
  the  tips  and  crownlets  of  the  letters. ''


If we examine the names of HAMAN'S  SONS, in the (Hebrew Bible  Book Esther chap.9:7-9)we notice that three letters are written smaller :.

The three letters together form , the Jewish year 5707 ( 1946 C.E.), the year that the Ten Nazi Criminals were executed.

Of the 23 Nazi war criminalis on trial in Nurenberg , 11 were in fact sentenced to by hanging.Tow hours befor the sentence was due be carried out, Goering  committed suicide-so that only 10 were hung ..........thus fulfilling the request of Esther:

   "let  Haman's  ten  sons be hanged."

Book of Esther ( chap.6/9 :6-14
Rashi(Rabbi Shlomo Yitzhaki) in hisCommentry
M Katz Computorah
Code Matrixe-Asali Z.
New York Times -16/10/1946

All of this is "Coincidence"  ?

Last Word:
In this Code we have something far beyond coincidence .
( The Rabbis claim that " Coincidence Is Not a Kosher Word ")

The more we look , more we realize that there is still much more hidden ,and thus reserved for , the diligent inquirer.
(Would you expect anything less in the Word of God ? )
"It Is the Glory of God to Conceal a Thing: But the Honour of Kings Is to Search out a Matter "

Proverbs 25:2

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