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CodeFinder version 1.23 Tutorial New September 21, 2008

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October 1, 2008 New version 1.23 of CodeFinder: Millennium Edition Bible codes program just released. Many great new features and optimized for Windows VISTA. If you already own CodeFinder and want a free update to version 1.23, e-mail me ( for a link (give name and purchase date to check records).

January 1, 2008 Exciting new Bible code search texts available for the CodeFinder: Millennium Edition program. Three optional text packages are available: 1. Hebrew Torah/Tanach Cipher texts. 2. Peshitta Aramaic NT texts. 3. Four Greek NT texts. Click here for more info.

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Some recent Bible code matrices/articles

  • Hurricane Katrina Matrix with X-Files Type Twist by Roy A. Reinhold
  • The Coming of Elijah Matrix by ep
  • A New 9-11 Attack Matrix: Learning the Value of Snooping by Roy A. Reinhold
  • Protocol of a Statistical Evaluation of Some Items in the AD 2006 Matrix by Lyuben Piperov
  • Dispelling A Myth About Transliteration Of Names For The Bible Code by Roy A. Reinhold
  • A Strange Code About AD 2006 Discovered In The Torah by Lyuben Piperov
  • Falsifying Moshe Shak's Papers on Mel Gibson by Roy A. Reinhold
  • Is There A Message Encoded in PI?...or Data Integrity In The Torah by Kevin Acres
  • WMD from Iraq Matrix by Roy A. Reinhold
  • End of Days Matrix by Roy A. Reinhold
  • Nibiru and the End of Days by Bob Schneider
  • Saddam Hussein Captured matrix by Dr. Asali Zaki